I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet. ~ Sex and the City

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oniomania: from Greek onios = "for sale," mania = insanity = ME

Oniomania is the technical term for the compulsive desire to shop, more commonly referred to as compulsive shopping (what happens when I go on my break at work), compulsive buying (what happens when just going to work), shopping addiction or shopaholism. Another common version of this syndrome is credit card addiction (something I have not had the ability to participate in since it has been maxed out for many months now), also known as compulsive credit card use. All of these are considered to be either clinical addictions or impulse control disorders, depending on the clinical source.


So here it is. My flaw. INVESTING my money into myself and my image in order to successfully progress in life. This is my mindset and also the reason I am here. Two of my many loves require me to save a significant amount of money to see them; that would be my best friend Nicole and the continent where she current resides, Europe; specifically London, England. My whole life I have dreamed of visiting. Within the last two years or so I was given the chance when one of my friends had moved there temporary for school. Permitting I saved the money I was to spend a month backpacking Europe. Obviously that didn't happen and I was left behind in tears. This is my chance! 2010 is mine and Europe's year! And when that trip has come and gone I hear that people save for their future: weddings, homes, cars etc. I am intrigued by these rumors and will look into them. This will chronicle my plans, achievements, failures and justifications for those failures (they are what I am best at.)

Here is my first (of what I am sure will be many) plans to SAVE MONEY!
Recommended by my wonderful boyfriend Matthew (who doesn't want the whole bill of our wedding, house and whole life together sent his way) was to save a chunk of money (for example $250.00) by the 20 th of every month, seal it in an envelope and give it to someone you trust. Almost like another bill. So this is what I will attempt in order to get my life together. This should be interesting...


  1. I love you!! You can achieve all your goals because you're amazing ... and it's just crazy enough that it might work hahaha.. I'm already planning your visit! <3

  2. Hey manda, this is fantabolous!!!! I'm soo proud,but just remember when you are making all this money and saving that you remember JoJo here *cough*( PRADA) cough* wow I need a lozenge for my throat there or maybe a little *cough* Coach*

  3. You have the dirtiest shopping addiction of anyone I know. Stop working in a mall, for one. Start working in a debt collection agency and maybe you'll change your outlook. Infact, you can work on my file if that's the case.
    You can give me that $250.00 to hold for you. I'll keep it safe...
    But good idea!! Let me know how it goes!! =D