I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet. ~ Sex and the City

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Week 7: On the road to success

I have come to the end of the blog for school and from the first day until now much has changed. I can attribute much of this to those who are reading because one of the thing that I keep telling myself is "If I post that I splurged on this, everyone will be disappointed and they will all know that I keep failing." Your eyes kept me from failing.

When mapping out my original plan for this, it did include having my flight book at the end of the blog which I have done, along with paying off other debts which I have almost finished and saving money for the trip. I have yet to save a significant amount of money, but I am getting there. I have been talking to a friend of mine that has just in the past week arrived home from a week in London and she is giving me a tone of money saving tips for the trip, which I greatly appreciate.

This blog has opened the eyes of people who are close to me by encouraging me to save as much money as possible and make sure that I don't waste money on unnecessary things, which is greatly appreciated. Last Thursday Matthew took me to Chapters to pick out a book that he said he has heard a lot of amazing things about in the media and yes, Oprah. It is a book called "Smart Cookies Guide to Making More Dough and Getting Out of Debt." I thought it strange that he was buying such a book for himself, not only because all the smart cookies are women but also because he seemed pretty money savvy, I just assumed at this point that my bad habits had gotten to him. I was wrong, the book was for me, obviously! I have just begun by reading the "About Us" section describing all the girls and how they got where they are today and their backgrounds got to me. Two of the five girls are in their mid twenties and are in the public relations field. Both in very (I mean extremity) similar situations than me. I instantly fell in love and can't wait until school is taken care of so that I can really get into the book.

Now that I won't have this blog as an outlet I am glad that I have been given this book. It will teach me everything that I need to know to manage my money properly (as good as all my ideas were) and they are all proven tactics. Gotta love Matthew for looking out for me.

I look forward to my wealthy future and never feeling the need to spending even a dime!

Check out the Smart Cookies website! It is an amazing tool for anyone who needs to change their life around or even just save a few pennies here of there!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 6: What to do....

As I said previously, I would like to start booking some attractions in advance? Yay or nay?

By doing so I am preventing myself from having to carry around a significant amount of cash and my spending money will be for clothes, food and other fun things.

But the issue is what if I can't make it? Are there specific days that I have to go to these attractions once they are booked? Can I get my money back? .All questions that I have, that are not all posted on their web page and I am not particularly eager to call London and find out. I have to save that money for the trip remember?

So these are my delimas. I am sure that there could be worse things to be stressed out about, but this is it at the moment.

Advice in this matter will be well recieved... please help.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 5: London Baby

I have officially booked my flight. I am departing May 19 at 5:55 pm and arrive home May 29 at 6:00 pm. I have also used some money that I have been saving to purchase 55 pounds. Instead of spending it I have converted it onto money that is useless here and will be 55 pounds richer in London. I am hoping to continue to just spend little bits of extra cash I have sitting around to buy pounds from time to time so that it's not such a huge deal cashing in all this money before I leave. Also, I think this way I have a better chance at actually having money to spend there.

Another piece of good news for me is that I have not spent much money at all since the ticket has been booked, because I am now terrified that I will run out of money there, so all I will be doing is saving. Everything is looking good. I am now looking into purchasing tickets for things ahead of time so I will have more money to spend there.

It's looking bright.

This will be me in London camera and all... Joey Tribbiani

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 4: My slow demise...

It has been rough to say the least. I have used my credit card many times since it has been paid off. I will not get into the details, but it has happened. I am getting frustrated with myself. I very obviously have little to zero self control. Well I can't say that, I did go to the Eaton's Center on the weekend and despite all the good deals that I found all I purchased (on my credit card mind you) was a new bronzer (having dropped my other one in the sink at the Delta Chelsea the day before, as I was getting ready to go to a club. I panicked and attempted to save what I could from the wet surface and eventually opted to steal from one of the other girls) and concealer. So I am flailing. Slowly but surly I am. By this time next week I hope to have my flight to London booked and at that point my credit card will be locked away forever (or until I go to London).

I need to be re

Here are the top ten tips for saving cash and stretching your pennies by the University of Utah.

Is your account balance less than your GPA? A new semester can break the bank. Here are some tips for saving cash and stretching your pennies as the school year begins!

1.) Walk or bike as much as possible to save on gas (and gas money).

2.) I suggest a budget to map out expenses and try to stick to it. Also cooking at home at least 2 meals a day seriously saves about $230 a month!

3.) Check your coupons and buy what’s on sale.

4.) Eat tuna, eggs, bread, rice, cous cous... simple stuff, and cut out the beef and pork. Better for you and costs much less!

5.) Don't get a credit card. Live on what you make. "I will pay for it later" adds up quickly.

6.) Work while you go to school!

7.) Everyone should apply for scholarships and financial aid...you never know what you might actually qualify for!

8.) If you need a new car buy used instead of new.

9.) Ride TRAX if you can. Instead of paying for a parking tag, you get a UTA card for FREE!! TRAX & bus rides are free with the card. To avoid really packed trains up to the U, ride about 15-20 minutes earlier than a class starts.

10.) If you still have to drive, go to the Institute. For attending one class 75% of the time you can get a parking pass for their parking for FREE!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have officially succeeded in my third week. With help from my darling friend X (not wanting to be known by anything but X) I have officially paid off my entire Visa bill. Along with this I have also paid off all but $150.00 that I have owed my parents and any monthly bills: phone, gym etc.

Along side all this success was my lack of spending this week; nothing but groceries and a Valentines gift for Matthew. I was VERY tempted to purchase a whole new outfit for an event that I am attending on the 20th, aside from the fact that I already have an outfit, (and purchased new shoes for that outfit if you look back to week 1) and I resisted! Hardly, but I did with the help of Lauren and Matthew.

I have come to the conclusion that I have to get another job away from the mall. It is very hard for me to be there four times a week and not spend a dime; I have done it but it was very challenging. Overall I am ecstatic with my progress this week and can't wait to see what happens next week.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 2: Baby Steps

After much discussion and deliberation it has been decided that I did indeed fail week one. But really, it was only week one... right? The problem is week two. Yes, I did spend money, only $50.00, but still it is a decent amount. I have made the executive decision to make some changes to the plan. After realizing that I can sweet talk Matthew into many sticky situations I have decided to call my friend Lauren when in future sticky situations. Matthew has not lost all responsibility… just some.

I decided this week that I should dip in to my RRSP’s to totally wipe out my VISA. The appointment was made (ironically with Nicole’s father) for yesterday morning and I should have the money two days from today. I thought that this would be a solution, because instead of any possible problems with my credit score I just pay off the whole card all together. Once school is done I will be able to pay back the money quickly.

This week falls in the middle think. The way things are going, next week should be a success… I hope!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 1: Fail?

This week started off flawless. (Well, besides the new pair of shoes I purchased at Town Shoes. They were on sale for $39.99 from $100.00 and I have an upcoming birthday party to attend. Instead of a new outfit I just switch the shoes from another. This saves me from purchasing a whole new outfit!)I chose not to bring my wallet with me to school keeping me from buying food and that saved me quite a bit. It all started going downhill yesterday. I had a doctor’s appointment that I was not particularly looking forward to and thought that I would reward myself with a much needed hair cut. The problem is that my hair dresser is located in the mall. I did what I could to prevent this from being a problem. I called my cousin whose girlfriend's parents own a salon, but he neglected to get back to me on time. I attempted to book an appointment with another well known salon in my area but they are not open on Mondays… just my luck. So I went to the one in the mall. I was a bit early for my appointment and thought that I might as well go to La Senza and take a look around. I know some of my co-workers also work there and thought I would say hello and also badly needed a new bra ; so two birds with one stone? She was not there. I proceeded to grab five pairs of underwear, two bras and a pair of pajamas. Not having time to try everything on, I put it on hold and went to the appointment thinking that my desire for them may dissolve with time.

I got my hair cut and $57 later I was late picking up my mother and thought I would come back to pick up the hold on my way to Wellend with Matt; he will keep me in check!

5:30 rolls around and my sister interrupts my Skyping with Miss. London herself Nicole, to tell me that I have to pick her up. “How convenient” I think to myself, “meet me at La Senza” I told her. By this time the girl that I know had been working. She retrieved my articles that were on hold and proceeded to offer me her discount… I then proceeded to use it. $47.00 later and up two new bras and some pajamas (I ditched the underwear in an attempt to save money BEFORE being offered the discount) I ATTEMPTED to make my way to the car…

This was foiled by Kereena insisting that we look inside Aeropostale. “Okay” I think in my head, “I don’t even like this store, it’s not my taste, too casual and preppy. This will be a breeze.“ She headed straight to the sale section and handed me a pair of jeans, size ¾ that were $12.99 with an additional 30%. I grabbed them, along with two polo’s that were $5.99 and a pair of boots regular $60 reduced to $14.99 all with an additional 30% off. I tried them all and loved them. The jeans were half a size to small, tops tight and I had a similar pair of boots at home BUT I wanted them all despite their flaws. Pacing back and forth at the front of the store quivering with uncertainty I called Matt… again and again until he finally answered. (I later found out that he was in the shower and I disturbed him… numerous times….) I told him about every item and then the price. He said that it was all so cheap that it wouldn’t be a big deal to get it all. So I did. Even the pair of jeans that don’t fit, hoping that I can stretch them/lose the 5 pounds to fit in them. It came to $31.00 with tax… not too shabby!

This is the dilemma… is this a failure? Everything was on sale and justified. When does one say no in this situation? All purchases were small… ish. HELP ME!