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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 4: My slow demise...

It has been rough to say the least. I have used my credit card many times since it has been paid off. I will not get into the details, but it has happened. I am getting frustrated with myself. I very obviously have little to zero self control. Well I can't say that, I did go to the Eaton's Center on the weekend and despite all the good deals that I found all I purchased (on my credit card mind you) was a new bronzer (having dropped my other one in the sink at the Delta Chelsea the day before, as I was getting ready to go to a club. I panicked and attempted to save what I could from the wet surface and eventually opted to steal from one of the other girls) and concealer. So I am flailing. Slowly but surly I am. By this time next week I hope to have my flight to London booked and at that point my credit card will be locked away forever (or until I go to London).

I need to be re

Here are the top ten tips for saving cash and stretching your pennies by the University of Utah.

Is your account balance less than your GPA? A new semester can break the bank. Here are some tips for saving cash and stretching your pennies as the school year begins!

1.) Walk or bike as much as possible to save on gas (and gas money).

2.) I suggest a budget to map out expenses and try to stick to it. Also cooking at home at least 2 meals a day seriously saves about $230 a month!

3.) Check your coupons and buy what’s on sale.

4.) Eat tuna, eggs, bread, rice, cous cous... simple stuff, and cut out the beef and pork. Better for you and costs much less!

5.) Don't get a credit card. Live on what you make. "I will pay for it later" adds up quickly.

6.) Work while you go to school!

7.) Everyone should apply for scholarships and financial aid...you never know what you might actually qualify for!

8.) If you need a new car buy used instead of new.

9.) Ride TRAX if you can. Instead of paying for a parking tag, you get a UTA card for FREE!! TRAX & bus rides are free with the card. To avoid really packed trains up to the U, ride about 15-20 minutes earlier than a class starts.

10.) If you still have to drive, go to the Institute. For attending one class 75% of the time you can get a parking pass for their parking for FREE!


  1. I am so horrible with my credit card. It has been maxed out for a couple of years now and I'm getting nowhere making the minimum payments. Anytime I pay off a big chunk of it, I always end up maxing it out again. It's a constant cycle that I cannot seem to break. If you ever find a way to stop the cycle let me know asap!

  2. I find this article very interesting, since this is Utah we are talking about and their weather gets pretty cold there too.
    First, if it were easier to walk or bike in Ontario (and not so blinking cold), I'm pretty sure we would. Mittens and a scarf can only do so much.
    Having a budget is a good way to save, but everytime I set one it always gets broken (and not only because I find something that I "have to have").
    I see the point of looking for coupons and buying whats on sale, but case in point, I was looking at the Canadian Tire flyer the other day and saying how there were some great small kitchen appliances that were listed as on sale. So I went and bought them, even though I don't have my own kitchen yet! lol
    There are always going to be articles with tips on how to save, but I seem to always find a way to fail at them, miserably!

  3. Hey, saving is like dieting. If you beat yourself to death every time you slip into a foolish purchase or a bowl of ice cream you will make life miserable for yourself.

    Your trip to London sounds like a blast, so don't defeat yourself by getting too down on some spending. Your doing well, girl!

  4. The food one is huge. I have never eaten more"Home Brand" cracker in my life then the year I spent in Australia. Home Brand saved me from starving along with a borderline vegetarian diet.