I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet. ~ Sex and the City

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 5: London Baby

I have officially booked my flight. I am departing May 19 at 5:55 pm and arrive home May 29 at 6:00 pm. I have also used some money that I have been saving to purchase 55 pounds. Instead of spending it I have converted it onto money that is useless here and will be 55 pounds richer in London. I am hoping to continue to just spend little bits of extra cash I have sitting around to buy pounds from time to time so that it's not such a huge deal cashing in all this money before I leave. Also, I think this way I have a better chance at actually having money to spend there.

Another piece of good news for me is that I have not spent much money at all since the ticket has been booked, because I am now terrified that I will run out of money there, so all I will be doing is saving. Everything is looking good. I am now looking into purchasing tickets for things ahead of time so I will have more money to spend there.

It's looking bright.

This will be me in London camera and all... Joey Tribbiani


  1. Wow. London will be great. I hope you can succeed to have some money in London. There is nothing worse than being on a vacation and having no money to spend.

  2. You're going to have such an amazing time in London...make it your life's mission to save until then though, the shopping will be unreal! Wish I could tag along for trip!

  3. That is a fabulous idea that I haven never heard before, putting your money into currency that doesn't work here. Great idea. I think I may need to try that one day.

  4. Yes, Amanda, it will be a great trip. Keep saving your money. Don't buy those huge family bags of mini eggs anymore. Be strong. One good way to travel, and not to spend that much money is to go to countries where your "dollar" is worth more. So, when you do the "local exchange rate", you think you are richer other than poorer. Go to Brazil next time...and with the money you have saved to go to England, you would stay longer in Brazil living the life of a Queen. Queen Amanda!

  5. Amanda it seems we have alot in common, because I too have a shopping addiction and am looking to plan a trip to London and Amsterdam this summer! I'm sure you will have a good time and can't wait for the stories and pics!

  6. Oh Amanda, please take me with you! i want to be just liek you, be able to save money and also travel the world. Although I do get a chance to shop and travel its at the expense of breakfast, lunch and dinner lol. I hope you have an awesome time in London.