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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 2: Baby Steps

After much discussion and deliberation it has been decided that I did indeed fail week one. But really, it was only week one... right? The problem is week two. Yes, I did spend money, only $50.00, but still it is a decent amount. I have made the executive decision to make some changes to the plan. After realizing that I can sweet talk Matthew into many sticky situations I have decided to call my friend Lauren when in future sticky situations. Matthew has not lost all responsibility… just some.

I decided this week that I should dip in to my RRSP’s to totally wipe out my VISA. The appointment was made (ironically with Nicole’s father) for yesterday morning and I should have the money two days from today. I thought that this would be a solution, because instead of any possible problems with my credit score I just pay off the whole card all together. Once school is done I will be able to pay back the money quickly.

This week falls in the middle think. The way things are going, next week should be a success… I hope!

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