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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 1: Fail?

This week started off flawless. (Well, besides the new pair of shoes I purchased at Town Shoes. They were on sale for $39.99 from $100.00 and I have an upcoming birthday party to attend. Instead of a new outfit I just switch the shoes from another. This saves me from purchasing a whole new outfit!)I chose not to bring my wallet with me to school keeping me from buying food and that saved me quite a bit. It all started going downhill yesterday. I had a doctor’s appointment that I was not particularly looking forward to and thought that I would reward myself with a much needed hair cut. The problem is that my hair dresser is located in the mall. I did what I could to prevent this from being a problem. I called my cousin whose girlfriend's parents own a salon, but he neglected to get back to me on time. I attempted to book an appointment with another well known salon in my area but they are not open on Mondays… just my luck. So I went to the one in the mall. I was a bit early for my appointment and thought that I might as well go to La Senza and take a look around. I know some of my co-workers also work there and thought I would say hello and also badly needed a new bra ; so two birds with one stone? She was not there. I proceeded to grab five pairs of underwear, two bras and a pair of pajamas. Not having time to try everything on, I put it on hold and went to the appointment thinking that my desire for them may dissolve with time.

I got my hair cut and $57 later I was late picking up my mother and thought I would come back to pick up the hold on my way to Wellend with Matt; he will keep me in check!

5:30 rolls around and my sister interrupts my Skyping with Miss. London herself Nicole, to tell me that I have to pick her up. “How convenient” I think to myself, “meet me at La Senza” I told her. By this time the girl that I know had been working. She retrieved my articles that were on hold and proceeded to offer me her discount… I then proceeded to use it. $47.00 later and up two new bras and some pajamas (I ditched the underwear in an attempt to save money BEFORE being offered the discount) I ATTEMPTED to make my way to the car…

This was foiled by Kereena insisting that we look inside Aeropostale. “Okay” I think in my head, “I don’t even like this store, it’s not my taste, too casual and preppy. This will be a breeze.“ She headed straight to the sale section and handed me a pair of jeans, size ¾ that were $12.99 with an additional 30%. I grabbed them, along with two polo’s that were $5.99 and a pair of boots regular $60 reduced to $14.99 all with an additional 30% off. I tried them all and loved them. The jeans were half a size to small, tops tight and I had a similar pair of boots at home BUT I wanted them all despite their flaws. Pacing back and forth at the front of the store quivering with uncertainty I called Matt… again and again until he finally answered. (I later found out that he was in the shower and I disturbed him… numerous times….) I told him about every item and then the price. He said that it was all so cheap that it wouldn’t be a big deal to get it all. So I did. Even the pair of jeans that don’t fit, hoping that I can stretch them/lose the 5 pounds to fit in them. It came to $31.00 with tax… not too shabby!

This is the dilemma… is this a failure? Everything was on sale and justified. When does one say no in this situation? All purchases were small… ish. HELP ME!


  1. I think you succeeded at finding some great deals! However, if you took the $175 you spent, that is almost a fifth of a plane ticket to London...

  2. Total bargains, but when the clothes don't fit perfectly you pitched the plane ticket money on something that you can't even get that instant-wear gratification from it. Good news, airlines have seat sales all the time and so the money you spent you can save with discount plane tickets!